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Foxie Curler - #1 Automatic Wireless Hair Curler

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#1 Automatic Wireless Hair Curler. 
Get your beautiful curls in just 10 minutes.

Looking for an automatic wireless hair curler that will give you gorgeous, long-lasting curls? Look no further, Foxie Curler is here to take care from you!

This innovative curler comes with four different heat settings - you can customize your look according to your hair type. 
Foxie Curler is wireless - you can take it with you wherever you go!

No matter what your hair type, Foxie Curler is sure to give you beautiful, bouncy curls that will last all day long.
Ditch those old-fashioned curlers that damage your hair and give Foxie Curler a try! You won't be disappointed.  

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Hair is not held in the Foxie Curler, so at any time (as long as the hair is inserted correctly) you may simply move the Foxie Curler away from your hair and it will fall away from your device.

Also, your Foxie Curler has an automatic shut-off mechanism, so that if for any reason you take too much hair into your device, it will shut down automatically so you can simply start again.

CHARGE UP: Charge curler with the USB cord for 2.5 hours before using for the first time. Unplug and be unbound. PS: Charging to full capacity after first-time use will take less time.

CHOOSE SETTINGS: Roll ON for temperature (300 degrees F, 320 degrees F, 360 degrees F, or 390 degrees F) curl direction (left or right) and time (6, 8, 10, or 12 seconds).

Press SETTING to select an option for each. Select L (left) curl direction to curl right side of your head, R (right) to curl left side of your head or mix them up. Wait for the heat icon to stop flashing (you will hear 2 beeps).

HAIR WE GO: Now that the curl chamber has heated up, place a 1/2-1" section of clean, dry, tangle-free hair into it.

READY TO ROLL: Press and hold START button to draw hair into the chamber. Continue to hold the button while you hear a succession of slow beeps corresponding to the timer setting you've selected.

Up to 60-minute cord-free run time; Run time will vary based on heat and timer settings selected as well as hair type.

The ceramic curl chamber reduces frizz and adds shine.

Rechargeable Auto Curler. Charge fully overnight before first use.

Charge time will vary depending on the adapter and power source.
Includes USB Charger.

-Multi-directional curl action (left, right, or mixed) with anti-tangle protection

-390 Degree F highest heat for professional curl results.

-LCD Digital Display shows all settings: heat, timer, battery level, and curl direction.

-Compact Size 2x9.0"x1.7" perfect for on-the-go styling! Easily fits in your handbag or gym bag for Beauty in Motion.

-4 Heat Settings/6 Timer Settings allowing you to create tight to loose curls and waves anytime, anywhere with Auto Off feature.

-Unit will shut off automatically after 15 minutes, if let on and idle, to preserve battery life.

-Includes 2 lithium-ion batteries. Individual airline restrictions may apply. Check with your carrier.

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